3 Days In Zion National Park itinerary - post cover

3 Days In Zion National Park Itinerary

3 Days In Zion National Park Itinerary

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

Day 3: Kolob Terrace Scenic Drive or Kolob Canyons

On day three, it’s time to leave the Zion Canyon crowds behind and explore the park’s backcountry. The Kolob Terrace Road is a scenic drive that ends at Kolob Reservoir. The temperature in this area is colder than on the canyon floor. If you drive here in early fall, the aspen trees are already changing their color. Stop at Lava Point for a picnic lunch and check out the view. Sitting at the edge of the Colorado Plateau, the upper rim of Zion Canyon can be seen far in the distance. 

Kolob Terrace Road - zion national park
Lava Point - zion national park

If you’re craving to see more canyon scenery, you can drive instead to Kolob Canyons. Accessed via Interstate 15, Kolob Canyons offers hiking and camping opportunities and a very short scenic drive to Kolob Canyons Viewpoint. The red-colored canyons are not as dramatic as Zion Canyon, but the lack of crowds is a big plus.

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Pro Tip

The East Rim Trail is a good option if you want to do additional hiking in and around Zion Canyon.

What’s Next?

This three days in Zion National Park itinerary took us to its major highlights and even left time to explore the remote backcountry. Check out the Zion National Park travel guide collection for more information about Zion, including essential planning tips and the best hikes in Zion. If you’re visiting other parks in Utah, more resources are available.  

Zion National Park Travel Guide

Three Days In Zion National Park itinerary - pin
3 Days In Zion National Park itinerary - pin

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